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After the excellent performance in the field of PVC pipe manufacturing and the demand from many valuable consumer the management of Royal PVC (Pvt) Ltd. has decided to manufacture complete range of Plastic Pipes and to provide our consumer the best quality HDPE pipe for water, gas, cable duct and other chemical transportation and PP-R pipe for not cold water transportation

In order to make the decision practical the company has launched their new products with the name of Royal HDPE and PP-R pipe. The factory is equipped with latest, fully automatic brand new imported machinery

The aim of the Company is to provide the range of quality pipe conforming to the various International, DIN, European, American and Pakistani standards at comparatively economical cost

Use of Polyethylene in Pipe

Polyethylene is the first choice material for pipe distribution system for over 35 years. In 2001 76% of small diameter water pipes in Europe were made from Polyethylene and now a day’s some 3.4 million tones of polyolefin ( Polyethylene and Polypropylene ) are dedicated to pipe grade production globally

The Benefits of Royal Polyethylene Pipe

Polyethylene has become the most popular material as it offers significant benefits compared to alternative material, namely

1. Low Maintenance

Royal P.E Pipe retains their strength and functionality with minimum maintenance. They are easily weld able into long sections, exhibits slow crake growth resistance and a long lifetime in both static and dynamic Loads

2. Low cost of installation

Royal P.E Pipes are flexible, light weight and tough, enable easier site handling and installation along with easier coiling into long lengths for easier handling and storage

3. Long Life Time

Royal P.E Pipes can be certified to last at least for 50 years and withstand harsh terrains and climate with no corrosions. They exhibit excellent Chemical resistance and good resistance to weather ability and UV along with resistance to microorganism and rodent attack

4. High Safety Record and No Leakage

Weld ability brings leak free joints over long distances, and the ability to withstand high axial and bending loads without joint failure

Applications of Royal PE Pipe

  • Drinking Water

Royal PE Pipe is the best choice to use it for the transport of water. Due to food grade material, their flexibility, longer lengths and lesser number of fittings they are more economical as compare to other pipe material like G.I pipes. They are easy to be used in hilly terrain areas due to their flexibility

  • Natural Gas

Royal HDPE & MDPE pipe are suitable for the distribution of natural gas because they have good resistance against chemicals; corrosion and stress crack etc. the Royal HDPE pipe are good for the transport of other gases like Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen etc

  • Sewage Disposal

Royal HDPE pipe can easily be used for the dischage of dirty and polluted fluid form the domestic commercial and industrial buildings

  • Telecommunications

Royal PE pipe is very suitable option as ducts for optic fibber in telecommunication. In this case the PE pipe can be ribbed to facilitate less content area and fraction while pulling the cable. Moreover the cable in these pipes can be pulled in longer length up to 500 meter thereby reducing the number of jointing

  • Relining

The Royal PE pipe can be used for the relining of drainage water pipe line due to their flexibility and excellent fusion property. The process has proved to be more cost effective as compare to the replacement with new pipes

  • Mining and Processing

Royal PE pipe can effectively be used for pumping reactive chemicals in Mining and Processing Industries as these pipes do not react with chemicals and hence make these processes.

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